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Thank you for helping Leslie translate the poem into your language and dialect. Please email me a copy and I will try and publish an official book with your name on it as the translator.
I have already got some in Fijian, Portuguese, French.
Email <leslie_westerlund@yahoo.com>
This will help my research project and your culture.

Coconut Trees

original traditional story by

 Tomasi Lasekula

of the Namosi Highlands of Fiji.


adapted into a traditional children’s story by

Leslie Westerlund


translated into Fijian/Namosi dialect by

 Virisila Nailauota

of the Namosi Highlands of Fiji.


Hey Tomasi, welcome to out humble village

Ei Tomasi, kidavaki iko kina neitou koro vinaka

Your Language


it is so fortunate you pass on your travels

e ka marautaki niko rawa ni wavoki mai ena nomui lakolako

Your Language


please rest at our bure

kerekere mo vakacegu mada ena neitou bure

Your Language


please sit, have a bowl of yaqona

kerekere dabe, me dua vei iko na bilo yaqona

Your Language




Hey Tomasi, have the first bowl of yaqona

Ei Tomasi, me memu na matai ni bilo ni yaqona

Your Language


I hear you come from the highlands of Viti Levu

Au rogoca ni o gole mai na colo kei Viti Levu

Your Language


I hear your clan has the coconut tree gift

Ka tiko ina nomu mataqali nai solisoli ni vuni niu

Your Language


I hear you can bless the barren tree to fruit

Kau rogoca ni o rawa ni vakalougatataka na vuni niu

Your Language


Hey Tomasi, we have great favour to ask of you

Ei Tomasi, dua tiko na kerekere levu keitou via kerea

Your Language


for it is our blessed coconut trees

me baleta tiko na neitou vuniniu vinaka

Your Language


for they grow big and bear no fruit

ka ni ra tubu levu ka sega ni vuataka e dua na vuani niu

 Your Language


please bless them to bear fruit

kerea moni vakalougataka mada me rawa ni vua

Your Language



Hey brother,Tako, sanga sanga, no no

Ei taciqu Tako sega sega

Your Language


I am Tako, yes of the niu-coconut clan

O au na Tako, ka neitou kau ni mataqali na niu

Your Language


I cannot bless them, only Lavo (my uncles or nephews)

Au sega ni rawa ni vakalougatataka o ratou ga na Lavo

Your Language


I ask my son, visiting from Australia to help

Au na kerea na luvequ tagane gade tiko mai ositerelia me veivuke

 Your Language



Hey son, Lavo, please help your uncle Tako’s family

Ei luvequ Lavo kerekere vukei iratou mada na vuvale

nei nomu momo (Tako)

Your Language

you know your ancient tribal blessing

iko kila nomu i solisoli ni veivakalougatataki

Your Language


you know in your heart how to bless the coconut

iko kila ena  yalomu na kena vakalougatataki na veivuniniu oqo

Your Language


you know you are Lavo, your generation can bless

iko kila nio iko na Lavo, na nomu kawa e rawa ni veivakalougatataki

Your Language




Hey son, Lavo, let me help you learn to bless the nui

Ei luvequ, Lavo meu vukei iko mo vulica na kena

vaka lougatataki na niu

Your Language


please take off your shirt and lean on the niu

kerea mo luvata na nomu sote ka ravita na niu

Your Language


please go from tree to tree and lean on each niu

kerea mo na gole mai na dua na vuni niu kina dua

tale ka ravita yadudua

Your Language


please believe and honour your tribal gift

mo vokabauta ka mareqeta nai solisoli ka soli vei iko

Your Language


Hey son, the months pass by

Ei luvequ sa toso na gauna

Your Language


the niu, coconuts are now flowering and fruiting

na niu, sa se ka tekivu me vua

Your Language


our brother Tako’s Village is happy eating niu

o ganequ Tako e na koro e marau ni kana niu

Your Language


the Lavo-Tako-Lavo coconut blessings are in the

 mountains of Namosi

o ratau na Lavo-Tako-Lavo Lewa/ vakalougatataki

niu era tiko ena colo kei Namosi

Your Language




Thanks Virisila and family for translating "No Fruit onthe Coconut Tree" into Fijian. Your beautiful village is the last village on the inland mountainous road backing onto thousands of hectares of the central highlands of Fiji.


how can we proceed from here and develop a beautiful project ?